If You're Unhappy and You Know It...

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If You're Unhappy and You Know It...

Post by Darth Eris on Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:35 pm

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You’ve never seen a fire like the one I’m going to cause.

It wasn’t the first time Eris’ words ran through Ennmé’s mind, but as she watched the embers from a dying fire flutter about in the air, they seemed more poignant. From the reports she was getting there had been four deaths. Two Jedi, a security officer and a citizen. The wounded were still being tallied up, fourteen so far in this area, probably more once they have the entire city under control. Coronet City was rather large so the number of wounded would most likely double. She didn’t want to think about the death toll climbing.

Is everything secure? Ennmé asked.

Seems so. The security officer in charge stated.

We’ve managed to calm the rioters, but no ones been able to identify who set the explosive. The Jedi master in charge of the temple added. The rest of the city is locked down so the riots don’t spread, but they’ve pretty much died out. Still some trouble in the rougher sectors.

Clean up is already starting.

Ennmé looked around and noticed some city workers piling out of shuttles. Ambulances were rushing in and out as well escorting the wounded to various medical centers. Things were well in hand. Ennmé said her goodbyes and searched for Lana. We’ve got to go. She knew there would be some other things to deal with. She also had to report the situation to Luke.

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Time really flew for Lana the make shift medical treated many minor injuries and the larger one was sent various medical centers. The Doctor came out a tall lady Thank you
Padwan Tryyshraa you were very good with the patience.

But her work was not finished since the city was in lock down it was crucial to get everyone off the streets so they had various shelters for the homeless to get them indoors. After some time order was slowly getting back to the city one thing did not change was the anger she felt coming from the people. Would the sith use the people to get what they want. A shuttle of city workers pulled Lana out of her thoughts. Looking over saw Master Crala walking towards her. They had to get moving there is still much to do at the jedi temple.

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